Wesley van Eeden

Illustrator & Designer
Pencil vs Pixel is where creation meets creators. A podcast and resource for artists to share the process, the principle and the payoff in doing what we do.

Stephan Ango

Co-founder, Lumi
“If you want to be a vegan shoemaker, you can find a whole bunch of people who are into that.”

Frankie Ratford

Founder, The Design Kids
"If you follow your heart and what you are individually are good at then the money will follow."

Bob Ewing

Lettering Artist, Art Director
“Everything’s been done before but there’s always a new spin on it… it’s your own spin.”
"If you can combine the rhythm with the emotion of the first marks on the page, then you have something really special. It’s like a piece of you that you’re able to share in a way that people can observe and soak up instantly. "
— Jon Contino
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