041 – Kyle Steed

“You have to be willing to go after what you want and not expect things to just show up on your doorstep.”

kyle steedKyle Steed joins us today. He is an illustrator, letterer, photographer, and self-proclaimed professional maker of things. In this interview, Kyle talks about expressing your true self and letting go of perfection. He gives his thoughts (and encouragement) on the rise of all things hand made. He talks about the things that keep him motivated, and about the importance of being around people that support you and your endeavors. Watch or listen to learn about Kyle Steed and much more!


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040 – Rena Tom

“Stay focused on what you really want out of something and just do the damn work.”

rena tomRena Tom talks about the origin of Makeshift Society, a community space built by and for creative freelancers and small teams with a location in San Francisco and Brooklyn. She talks about community, being inspired by the people she surrounds herself with, and what it takes to sell your art. If you’re interested in making a living with your creative endeavor, Rena has a wealth of advice for you.

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039 – Jen Mussari

“Cool your jets. Take a step back and calmly assess the situation.”

jen mussariIn this interview, Jen Mussari talks about the life of a freelance artist and shows us how we can find the work we love. She tells us how important it is to find a mentor and/or support group and gives us advice on how we could find them. Jen tells us how her environment keeps her motivated and inspired.

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038 – Nick Sambrato

“It’s better to own some of something than all of nothing.”

nick sambratoFounder of Mama’s Sauce, Nick Sambrato, talks to us about running a brick and mortar shop, having an online presence, and building a community. Many well respected artists and designers turn to Mama’s Sauce to produce high-quality printed goods. Nick plays a large role in keeping clients coming and keeping his tightly knit team motivated and excited. He shares the kind of struggles he encounters and tells us about current and upcoming projects he’s involved in.


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037 – Jessica Hische

“Be nice. Be a normal human.”

Jejessica hischessica Hische is a letterer, designer, illustrator, and self-described procrastiworker. She talks to us about finding the right balance so you don’t experience burnout, and keeping your work interesting by trying new things. She also touches on how having artist representation helps her focus more on the work she loves.

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036 – Jake Nickell

“Be curious about learning new things and expanding your skill set.”

jake nickellJake Nickell digs deep and talks about the success and struggles of running a large company. As founder and CEO of Threadless, Jake balances time in company creativity and innovation while managing rapid growth. He talks about keeping company culture alive and exciting. Jake tells us what keeps him inspired and motivated and shares some key advice for visual artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and creative pros.


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