027 – Samantha Warren

“Tell a bigger story with what you’re given.”

samantha warrenDesigner Samantha Toy Warren shares the story about her early childhood and how it helped shape her career in design. She talks about her experience working as a designer in a variety of places (currently, Twitter) and tells us that the way we can take ourselves to the next level is by pushing the boundaries and being persistent. She tells us why it is important to be flexible and to learn something that is outside of our comfort zone. We chat about Twitter company culture, juicing, open sourced projects like Style Tiles, and print vs. digital.


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026 – Chris Coyier

“Don’t give up too early on your ideas.”

chris coyierWeb designer and co-founder of CodePen, Chris Coyier, talks to us about his days as a ceramics student, an early introduction to programming with Turbo Pascal, and the move to Portland that would change his life. We chat about fearlessness, transparency, and writing. He reminds us that projects take time to grow.

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024 – Mike Kus

“The key to achieve the dream of doing the kind of work you want… is to design it.”

mike_kus_2Mike Kus talks to us about visual aesthetics of web design and how they have changed rapidly in the last year. He reminds us that the art of storytelling is still one of the top most important elements of design. Without a story, you practically have nothing of substance. We chat about iconography, creating visual identities, and further exploring the digital realm. He tells us that keeping things simple has proven to be very rewarding in his career. Listen or watch to learn more about Mike’s back story and stick around to take a behind the scenes look at an official Mike Kus hand drawn wireframe.   Continue reading

023 – Sean McCabe

“If you’re interested in something, if you want to learn something, all of the information is out there and the vast majority is free.”

sean mccabeSean McCabe talks to us about starting a web firm, selling the firm, and pursuing a fruitful career in lettering. We talk about the importance of professionalism in our creative field and how doubling our rates attracts the work we want and higher paying clients. Sean shows us how he is building a community and how we can do the same by being specific, persistent, and intentional.

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022 – Mikey Burton

“It takes commitment… it takes a long time for people to see your work, become familiarized with you and trust you.”

mikey burtonFreelance illustrator and designer Mikey Burton talks to us about his early design days cutting his teeth by founding and running a boutique design shoppe with his two friends. Later in his career, he got a taste of the advertising world where he learned about marketing among other skills (while moonlighting with editorial work). He tells us that it is important to do your best original work from beginning to end and shares how he learned that there are no shortcuts—the hard way. Listen to more of this talented designer’s story.

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