045 – Kate Bingaman-Burt

“It has to be sincere and it has to come from a sincere place.”

kate bingaman-burt

In this interview, Kate Bingaman-Burt gives us career advice, examples of times when she experienced failure, and why it’s okay to say no. She shows us the power of repetition and tells us why it is important to be sincere. Kate Bingaman-Burt is an educator, designer, and illustrator living and working in Portland Oregon.


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044 – Dan Edwards

Understanding that you add value as a creative professional.

dan edwards

In this interview, Dan Edwards gives insight about the community-driven project, Oozled. A curated resources for everything creative. We talk about inspirational resources, creating personalized feeds, and the challenges of running a high-traffic website. He shares his life as a graphic designer, career failures, saying no to projects, the world of freelance work and how it all started for him.


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043 – Kai Brach

“Don’t worry too much about perfection. Get it out there and keep iterating.”

kai brach

In this interview, Kai Brach shows us that print is far from dead and tells us where to start producing our ideas in physical form. Great insight if you plan on producing a magazine, book, or the like. Kai is the founder and publisher of Offscreen, a print-only curated magazine that examines and celebrates the hard work and creative thinking that happens behind the scenes of websites, games and apps.

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042 – Jeremy Keith

“The key is sincerity.”

jeremy keithIn this interview, Jeremy Keith talks to us about his experience in public speaking, how he runs conferences, and much more. He gives us advice on how to stand out and build an influential voice. Jeremy Keith is a designer, developer, writer and speaker. He is co-founder of Clearleft, a design and development agency based out of Brighton, England. Jeremy is a web standards advocate and prominent figure in the web design community.


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041 – Kyle Steed

“You have to be willing to go after what you want and not expect things to just show up on your doorstep.”

kyle steedKyle Steed joins us today. He is an illustrator, letterer, photographer, and self-proclaimed professional maker of things. In this interview, Kyle talks about expressing your true self and letting go of perfection. He gives his thoughts (and encouragement) on the rise of all things hand made. He talks about the things that keep him motivated, and about the importance of being around people that support you and your endeavors. Watch or listen to learn about Kyle Steed and much more!

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040 – Rena Tom

“Stay focused on what you really want out of something and just do the damn work.”

rena tomRena Tom talks about the origin of Makeshift Society, a community space built by and for creative freelancers and small teams with a location in San Francisco and Brooklyn. She talks about community, being inspired by the people she surrounds herself with, and what it takes to sell your art. If you’re interested in making a living with your creative endeavor, Rena has a wealth of advice for you.

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