054 – Lisa Congdon

“There’s nothing better than to work through frustrations and downtime by just showing up, doing the work and putting it out into the world.”

lisa congdonIn this interview, Lisa Congdon talks to us about here latest book, Art Inc: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist. She shares her story and proves that we can reinvent ourselves and make a living in art at any age (she started at age 31!). Lisa gives solid tips that will help you jumpstart your career. Lisa Congdon is a prolific illustrator, artist, author and teacher. Her new book Art Inc. is an essential guide to sharing your work, making an impact, and making a living with it.


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053 – Elliot Jay Stocks

“It’s not as scary as you might think it is.”

elliot jay stocksIn this interview, Elliot Jay Stocks shares his experience with publishing the very successful 8 Faces magazine and Lagom. He tells us how he funded his projects, what he learned throughout the process, and shares some major publishing knowledge. Elliot is Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, a designer, speaker, and author.

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050 – Tobias Van Schneider

“There’s no failing. There’s only learning.”

tobias van schneiderIn this inspiring interview, Tobias van Schneider tells us why side projects are and should be stupid. We talk about taking life-changing risks and choosing the difficult path. Tobias van Schneider is a designer living and working in New York City. Tobias is currently working as Product Designer & Art Director with Spotify, New York. He has worked with companies such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, and Wacom.


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049 – Sam Arthur Nobrow Press

Telling stories in your unique voice.

Nobrow Press

Sam Arthur tells us the story about the humble beginnings of Nobrow Press and gives tons of book and magazine advice. Nobrow Press is a London-based publishing company founded by Sam Arthur and Alex Spiro. They publish magazines and books that showcase the work of many artists. Books and magazines are printed with attention to design and vivid color in mind. Nobrow Press also has an existing children’s book imprint called Flying Eye Books.


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