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geoff teehan

In this interview, Geoff Teehan talks to us about the importance of sharing what we know on the open web. He talks about the opportunity he had to work on a dream project with Ev We chat about the struggles of client work, scope creep, and lingering projects. Geoff tells us how the Teehan + Lax team avoids those issues while producing high quality, beautiful and efficient design work.

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  • Trista Dedmon

    It’s always inspiring listening to how people in our field have “created their own jobs”. For a solo freelance web designer and developer just starting out, these interviews are so valuable to me because I’m not in an office with experienced employers to learn from on a regular basis or ask questions. Thank you for providing real quality content so we can learn through hearing successful individuals’ experiences!

  • richardegil

    Always good to hear from the Teehan & Lax guys.

  • Van Spillman

    Would love to try this out!

  • Shawn G

    Amazing application. Need to try this!

  • Terry Patterson

    I’m amazed at this work because you guys making building design easy so designers can concentrate on making better experiences. Great job! Would love to experience Macaw myself.

  • Comentarinformal

    Definitely willing to try this out.

  • AJ Robertson

    Great person to have on the show!

  • Mark Loewenstein

    I’d love to test it on my next project

  • Jaggy Gauran

    I’ve been trying to get into web design but doing the front end with Photoshop before coding really takes some time and effort. I tried Macaw and yeah, it’s quite easy to get the hang of it. Hope I get to use it on my future projects. :)

  • Kurt Texter

    Fantastic interview, thank you for sharing!

  • Steph Design

    Intrigued and would love to see how it works.

  • Allen Hutchison

    Macaw looks great!

  • taylorkmorris

    Macaw looks like a brilliant tool for visual learners like myself and many other designers.

    I studied graphic design and photography in college and I graduated just a month ago, so it seems like the perfect time to keep pushing myself and learning new tools like Macaw.

    • pencilvspixel

      Congrats, Taylor! You just got yourself a free Macaw license. Please send your email and Twitter handle to cesar at pencilvspixel dot com.

  • Thibault Michel

    Great insight by Geoff Teehan! Cheers for the giveaway.

  • Erika

    I’ve been waiting so long for a tool like this. Can’t belive it’s finally here :) Cheers!

  • pencilvspixel

    Thanks, everyone for entering! You can join the Pencil vs Pixel mailing list to be notified of future giveaways before anyone else:

  • Ryan Glaze

    This is looking promising :), can’t wait to try it out!

  • Zaydek Michels-Gualtieri

    Thank you!!

  • coen h

    I develop websites(for clients and for myself) with WordPress. I do love WordPress, but the CSS can become ugly and plain bad. If Macaw can combine a workflow like Photoshop or Pixelmator, and with a clean CSS, that would be awesome!

  • Vaidas Barauskas

    What was the metohodology they use when working on strategy with a client?

  • gteehan

    Thanks for the comments.

    @vaidasbarauskas:disqus We use a framework called Jobs To Be Done (popularized by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen) to help frame up whatever it is we’ll be making. It’s the best framework we’ve used to date. Takes a good deal of practice and skill to get the at the right insights. It relies heavily on finding the right people to talk to, and conducting the interview in the correct way. Once mastered, it’s priceless. Our team sees night and day differences in how we frame up problems and solutions since we adopted it. Google is your friend here, if you want to know more.


  • Shayco

    Looks cool